The Frequently Asked

Of course you are going to have questions and we may not always be available to provide an immediate answer. That’s where some good ol’ fashioned Frequently Asked Questions come to the rescue.

We hope you find these helpful and provide some insight about SRV.

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What does "SRV" stand for?

Well, it’s not “Stevie Ray Vaughan” but sorta kinda not really close cool
(we do like Stevie Ray and several of us are musicians so there’s that)

SRV = Sr. Verde

How long before my social media post goes live?

Mandie, please elaborate…

Do you offer branding packages for start-up companies?

I’m sure we do… “Hey, do we offer branding packages?….someone’s askin…”

(muffled voices/shuffling papers)

Of course, we can help! Contact us today and let’s Start a Conversation.

Can you design and print my company's business cards?

Yes, we offer print services as part of a branding package.

How long have you been in business?

SRV Vivid is a grouping of talent that has worked in various parts of the media and marketing industry for numerous years. It is this collection of knowledge that grants value to the company and benefits you, the client.

Let’s just say, “if every journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, then we are on step 6K”.

(S.E. conceived/started SRV VIVID in 2018)

Are you as good (or better) as my nephew at building websites?

Who is your nephew? Does he need a job? Send him to our Careers page.

How long will it take to build my website?

Too many variables to answer with an exact time. Our goal is to produce the best product in a timely manner. Contact us to Start a Conversation.

Can you shoot a commercial for my business?

YES! 15s? 30s? 60s? Long form?

We love video production. Review our Portfolio and then contact us to Start a Conversation.

Do you have rate sheets on your products and services?

All content is not created equally, therefore all content does not cost the same.

To get a better idea of the scope of any project we’d love to sit down and have a discovery session about your specific marketing needs. Contact us and let’s Start a Conversation.

Can you write blog posts?

Of course we can. Do you already have a Blog section on your website? Do you need us to create one for you? Don’t forget, our Podcast services can serve up your message with audio/video and be converted to text.

Contact us to Start a Conversation.

What is a Podcast?

A Podcast is where you, the client, have something to say and want to do so with an audio (or sometimes video) file. We would record that message and then upload the file to your website or a Podcast service. Then, we could use our Social Media Management skills to drive traffic to your Podcast.

Can you check my exiting website for typers and erors?

Ummmm yes, we can check your website for “typos” and “errors”. That is part of a “Website Audit” and falls under the punctuation and grammar section.

How are your eMail Marketing skills?

Our KungFu is strong! eMail Marketing is great method for capturing personal data to communicating with customers and clients.

Creating eMail Campaigns to educate and sell clients on your products or services is paramount in today’s online marketplace.

Contact us to Start a Conversation.

What if I'm not satisfied with the creative?

The life cycle of any creative project starts with a plan. After all, if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.

We begin with a Discovery Session to determine your needs and the scope of the project. Next, a Proposal is generated outlining the timeline and deliverables for the project. There are benchmarks along the way and a proofing process in place to reduce mistakes and correct errors. All this is done in a timely manner to ensure that once the creative is released it is accurate and correct.

Our plan is to ensure everyone is happy and proud of the work, especially you, the client.


In case you have additional questions let’s start a conversation. Contact us today!

Statistically Speaking

Can you run your business all by yourself? Sure, but why?

When you are too busy “working for” the company, you reduce your available time to “work on” the company.  Here are some numbers to help put this concept in perspective and why it’s important to let others do the heavy lifting.

  • Business owners working more than 40 hours 84% 84%
  • Businesses with less than 10 employees 78% 78%
  • Average podcast completion rate. 60% 60%
  • Small businesses without a website 35% 35%
  • Suggested annual spend on marketing 8% 8%