Golden Visuals

Golden Visuals was founded in 2018 by David Rojas, AKA Haus. David had been making films with friends recreationally for years, even winning a short film contest. Originally in college studying biology, David soon realized that his passion lay elsewhere. He dropped out of school, quit his day job, and began Golden Visuals, filming weddings, quinceañeras, and other special events. In addition, David filmed promotionals for small businesses, city events, and even sports teams to get his name out there. It was his film of The Kings soccer team that got the attention of SRV Vivid.

S.E. Greene, AKA Sr Verde, conceived the idea of SRV Vivid, A Media Company, in 2018 to service the creative needs of his many companies. Up to that time, S.E. had been hiring outside creatives to develop content but realized that to achieve what he really wanted, he would have to hire people to do this work in-house. Wanting to launch the media company but realizing he didn’t have enough talent to make this budding company thrive, he decided the most important building block for the media company was the videography.

After finding Golden Visuals on Instagram, S.E. called up David Rojas, and asked him to come interview. Greene gave Rojas his spiel about entrepreneurship, which unsurprisingly sparked interest in budding entrepreneur David was becoming. The direction S.E. wanted to take SRV Vivid was the direction he wanted to go himself with Golden Visuals. In this way, S.E. Greene landed himself an award-winning videographer. David’s new job: follow S.E. around with a video camera to do what S.E. considered one of his many his signature mottos: “Document. Don’t create.”

Meanwhile, David was building with Golden Visuals something amazing, continuing to make videos for weddings, events, short films etc. Everyone recommends you promote your self-brand but David wanted to be big and bring talented young people in to make a real production company, make something interesting. S.E. quickly realized that David had built a network of satisfied clientele, and through quality product and free work, had gained credibility in the marketplace. SRV Vivid was lacking a real revenue stream. Golden Visuals lacked the resources to grow quickly and easily. Together, they were a natural fit.


Golden Visuals
David Rojas

 In 2020, S.E. and David decided to merge the companies, bringing the content David was creating under the umbrella of SRV Vivid and give it credibility, create something together that would help both achieve their goals and dreams. Equal partners in a new enterprise.

Together, they aim to create a system where other creatives can come in and learn. People coming in from other facets, people who write scripts, graphic production, videography, audio. It takes a team. Building that out not through tenured individuals, but through those who don’t have experience but are talented naturally. They aim to bring those people in to the media company, foster that and grow them up, until they are prepared and experienced enough to launch on their own.

Their goal as partners is to bring value to the industry and area with free work. Create great film for people which promote small businesses them in the process. S.E. saw David’s talent because of a free video he did. They want to do that for others. Small businesses struggle in advertising. They want to help.

This merger has amplified David’s goals because of connections and resources. Golden Visuals can now move faster to achieve faster. He now feels like he has the ability to make something beautiful and big, a huge production company right here in his hometown, allowing other young creatives a place to work and grow without having to go to a big city.

Long term, SRV Vivid and Golden Visuals will become a huge successful media production company. In the meantime, they will keep building the small blocks.

David Rojas

"Media Your Mindset."