About Us

SRV Vivid was founded in 2018 by S.E. Greene as a way to provide media production services for all of his other endeavors. He quickly realized the company could be something even greater than he anticipated.

The first to join SRV Vivid was our videographer, Hass, and his own company Golden Visuals. After that, Greene realized there were many other services he could be providing and began taking on more creative team members, including writers, web and graphic designers, project coordinators and more. Even today we are hoping to add more and more people to our team, anxious to create an unstoppable force in the media production industry.

We are always looking for creative talent. Click on over to the Careers Page and send us an email and get a conversation started.

S.E. Greene - Give. Serve. Repeat.

S.E. Greene

SRV Vivid Founder and Creative Director

S.E. Greene, also known as SrVerde, is an entrepreneur from Texas, determined to share the principles and practices that have allowed him to create a diversified portfolio of success across several industries and brands. Part of his story includes stumbling through trial and error to figure out how to achieve the elusive dream of running a successful business. Now that he’s found some of that success, he wants to share the methods and madness that have helped him get where he is today and his plans to keep this train moving forward for the foreseeable future, through any means possible.

Media Team

Patrick Freden

Patrick Freden

Graphics Dude & Cool Guy

From print layout to websites this guy somehow makes it all happen…a real Swiss Army knife of talent. 

Gracie Seguin

Gracie Rae Seguin

Wordsmith Extraordinaire

Words words words words words more words words words words words words words words words

David Rojas

David Rojas (Haus)

Lead Videographer

A grapher of videos, a leader of vids, a man of few (quiet) words…he is the guy we call “Hahs”.

Kala Lindsey

Kala Lindsey

Administrative Assistant

Kala does kool stuff, like being the go-between our clients and the media team. She keeps it real. #TeamKala #KalaKool

Michelle Griffin

Michelle Griffin

Executive Assistant 

Michelle drives the bus and keeps us all in line. Cool big sister vibes with an Aussie accent. Oi

"Media Your Mindset."